Border Crossing From Hanoi to Laos via Vientiane, The Laid Back Capital of Laos

life to reset

It was supposed to be a sixteen hours bus ride but turned into a twenty four hours land travel between Vietnam and Laos via Hanoi-Vientiane border. Definitely, the longest and by far the least comfortable bus ride out of all the Indochina border crossing, though I prepared my self for this trip and was looking forward leaving behind the gloomy Hanoi weather and longing for the typical South East Asian pleasant summer like weather in Laos.

The sleeper bus departs Hanoi in the evening and reached the border early morning the following day, just when you finally found a great sleeping position after relentlessly trying overnight to stretch your legs into whatever small space there is, the bus conductor will wake you up, asked everyone to step down and proceed to the immigration counter existing Vietnam and walked towards the one entering Laos.

After the border crossing ordeal, the bus…

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