Facebook Shows Teens Ads for Pills and Nude Webcams, Among Other Inappropriate Things


We all know that Facebook ads can be annoying, but according to a  Wall Street Journal article , they can can also have  precarious  implications. 

The WSJ reports that young teens are regularly exposed to age inappropriate ads, peddling everything from diet pills to gun holsters to nude web cams. One 14-year-old liked a Facebook ad related to fashion modeling only to later realize that it was an ad for adult webcam models, who often pose nude. And the issue isn’t only that the teen was taken to the company’s website, but clicking “like” also gave it consent to use her images in future advertisements for the webcam. The WSJ reports that 13-17 year-olds were the largest demographic that went to the webcam’s Facebook page.

“We take the quality of ads on Facebook very seriously,” Facebook told the WSJ in a statement. “Because of the enormous volume of ads…

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